how ya travelin'?
  1. Whats your middle name? Danny Terese
  2. How big is your bed? Double 
  3. What are you listening to right now? Missy Higgins 
  4. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 0730
  5. What was the last thing you ate? cake 
  6. Last person you hugged? My Niece Elora 
  7. How is the weather right now? Sunny & Windy 
  8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Mummmma
  9. What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex? How they hold themselves i think
  10. Favorite type of food. French Schnitty 
  11. Do you want children? yes
  12. Do you drink? the occasional beer but nothing compared to what i use to
  13. Ever get so drunk you don’t remember the entire night? probably one too many times 
  14. Hair color? uh blonde n off blondes at the moment
  15. Eye colour? blue
  16. Do you wear contacts/glasses? no 
  17. Favorite holiday? christmas’ to mollymook, straddie was fun too
  18. Favorite season? spring!
  19. Have you ever cried over a girl/boy? one too many times! 
  20. Last movie you watched? Pocahontas <3 
  21. What books are you reading? None at the moment 
  22. Piercings? Zero
  23. Favorite movie? too many ! latest fav is bridesmaids  
  24. Favorite college football team?
  25. What were you doing before filling this out? putting photos on facebook
  26. Any pets? my dog clyde!! 
  27. Dogs or cats? dogs!
  28. Favorite flower? i love the smell of jasmin flowers and the look of sun flowers!
  29. Have you ever loved someone? i think so 
  30. Who would you like to see right now? :) 
  31. Have you ever fired a gun? yes 
  32. Do you like to travel by plane? HATE HATE HATE IT
  33. Right-handed or Left-handed? righty tighty 
  34. If you could go to any place right now where would you go? probably nowhere 
  35. Are you missing someone? i always am
  36. Do you have a tattoo? 4 
  37. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? yesterday morning i did - cat in the hat
  38. Are you hiding something from someone? yep
  39. Are you 18? yep
  40. What do before you go to bed? watch tv and think

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